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tv   News  ABC  September 14, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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so what is it going to take to get this solved. that is up next. i'm megan pringle along with lauren cook. >> we have the charm musical festival this weekend. hopefully we'll have good weather. >> hint hint. >> might want to put on a sweater or a light coat. it is a little chilly out there. we're dry right now. you can see that on maryland's most powerful radar. but there could be a slight change in the afternoon. i cannot rule out a chance for a stray shower to pop up. we have a cold front moving closer to us. and with that, some showers are associated with that. my anything is it will begin to break up as it heads over towards the mountain. you heard me talk all week how the dew point have been in the 40s and the 50s. with that, that is dry air in place so that is going to fizzle out and we'll be dry. so that is what i'm thinking as we go through the afternoon. but all and all, the temperatures coming in seasonable in edge mere but
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we're cool in columbia coming in around 52. this is that hour-by-hour forecast for you. as we go through the day. the clouds will begin to move in here. and i'll call it partly cloudy and temperature around 78 as we head into lunchtime for today. and now a check of the abc2 news timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we have a little patchy fog. that is a problem across the region. so be careful as you head out. we have our first crash of the day in howard county right in ellicott city on waterloo road and snowed in river parkway. for those of you heading to interstate 70, we'll be delay free from columbia pike up to 695. this is how traffic is shaping up on 695 right now. the west side is nice and clear. and here, we're starting to pick up on the outer loop. but you're still looking at a 11 minute ride from 695 and 95. the parkway will remain clear. and for those of you using the
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jfx, no problems to report, traveling southbound from the beltway to fayette street. that will take you 11 minutes as well. that is a look at your abc2 news timesaver traffic. a shooting in perry haul high school, a gun at stemmers run. the school leaders know they need to do something to make your child feel safe whenever they go to school. and they think he have the answer. sherrie johnson is live this morning. i know that early this morning, you spoke with school officials. what are they saying? >> reporter: basically later today baltimore county public school administrators are set to share ideas with top school officials about building a safety security plan in a mandatory meeting. the superintendent said it wants to beef up security and safety in the schools. this comes after two gun incidents at baltimore county school since the first day of class. in one incident, a student was shot in perryville high school. and on tuesday, a student
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showed up with a handgun where police said that he threatened a teacher owner students. today the leaders will lay out a safety plan and they will help the teachers and the students to understand their role in the plan. to be aware of your surroundings. if you see something, say something. and they'll have an updated support systemtor staff and students -- system for staff and students and that includes an anonymous tip line. they hope to hire a security director. and the superintendent will have a little video on the county school's website talking about the security and safety plan. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news." students and staff at prince george's county high school are paying tribute to a student who was shot to death this week. a memorial tribute will be held today and it's planned for 2:00 this afternoon on the football field of central high school. students are being asked to
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wear light blue shirts and they will release light blue balloons into the sky. he was killed while walking to school. the police have not revealed a motive and no arrests have been made. two men are shot in north baltimore. and the police are searching for the gunman. linda so is live at city police headquarters what is the latest. >> reporter: the search continues this morning for the suspect and the motive remains unclear. but we know that two men were shot in the arm. it happened last night just before 10:00 on the 6,000 block of north parkway and the police said that the men are in their 20s and 40s. and both men were shot in the arm. the shooting did not happen at that location. they believe it happened somewhere else and they drove to the area. and the men were taken to near hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. and the police still searching for the gunman and the motive remains unclear. linda so, "abc 2 news."
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another sad day for this sheriff's off. another sheriff died. he had a heart attack. he died at home following attending a funeral for the corporal killed in the car crash. he was a 16 year veteran of the sheriff's office. you can come and say your good-byes to the former baltimore city commissioner. there will be a big party for him at 7:00 tonight at martin's west. it's open to anyone that wants to say show up and say thank you and good-bye. he served five years as the commissioner and 30 years as a police officer. chicago public schools will stay closed for one more day as negotiators with the teachers' union and the school district try to hammer out a deal with a
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contract. they're still waiting for a response. and the union has called a special delegates meeting this afternoon. the teachers had been on strike since monday. the makers of the beef additive that became known as pink slime, they are suing "abc news." they are seeking $1.2 billion in a defamation suit against the news agency. stories about pink slime led to and on line campaign to get the additive out of stores and out of school lung muchs. bpi said they lost about 80% of their business in less than a month and more than 700 employees lost their jobs. "abc news" denies any allegations of any wrongdoing and they plan to fight the case. this guy could not wait to get his hands on the iphone and whatever else he could get his hands on. take a look at this a los angeles man is seen on camera
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crashing his suv right into the store front. the video shows that the suspect grabbing the iphone, ipads off the display tables. at one point, the security gate trapped the driver of the car and you can see them ramming the wall repeatedly. the police did catch up with the guy and arrested him. raven fans, you know it's purple friday. the details on the birds. and we have the rundown for this game and the season. the heat of los angeles too much to bear for one wildlife creature. we'll show you where he ended up going to coooff. details straight ahead. what does fall smell like?
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good friday morning to you. the hot temperatures that los angeles has been experience is, they have had a big heatwave. but too much for one bear to tape thursday night he wandered into this neighborhood and took a dip into the pool. the police officers were chasing the bear to scare it off and hoping it would go back into the hills. but you could see that he took a little pool time before he
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eventually got out and on his own. but did he have a margarita and sat on the floaties for a little while. in the afternoon, the kids can put their jacket away. the temperature will be up to 83 degrees. a stray shower is possible. but mainly as we head into the evening time frame. this is what we have. look at this great picture sent in by walt. he took this from the base of the world trade center looking south toward federal hill. he all sends me great pictures. if you want to send me your pictures, you know what to do. and now a time to get a check of your abc2 news timesaver traffic wi lauren cook. someone wrote in on by facebook and said that bike week is week in ocean city. there are no dela getting done to the beaches. we have a crash in howard county. it's in ellicott city on
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waterloo road and snow and river parkway. 70, no problems to report from columbia pike over to 695. no problems on the beltway. no problems to report. nice and clear. u.s. embassies in the middle east are on high alert as violence and protests continue. stay with us. the crowds are up set offer a controversial movie they say makes fun of their prophet mohammed. what is being done to ease the tension.
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day four of anti-american fury boiling over right now in the northeast. this is because of an anti-his la movie made in the united states. and they're attacking the police and firing with tear gas near the u.s. embassy near cairo ekept. and that is happening across the middle east having everybody on high alert. >> reporter: violent anti- american protests continue in the middle east this morning. police are using tear gas to
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disperse the crowds and managed to keep the protester as way from the embassy's compound. and the government is monitoring the situation after a blunt exchange between president obama and the egyptian president. >> i don't think we consider them and ally but we don't consider them and enemy. >> reporter: protesters smashed windows and walls. this was sparked by an anti- muslim film made in the u.s. that mocks the profit mohammed. >> this movie is disgusting and there's no excuse at all to responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: this began on the and sers of the september 11th attacks at the u.s. consul lit in libya that left four americans dead, including the
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u.s. a.m. ambassador and two navy sales. one was a former sale from massachusetts who was protecting the consulate. >> glenn lived his life to the fullest. he was my brother. but if you ask his friends, he was their brother as well. >> reporter: fbi agencys from the new york office will arrive in libya to assist in the investigation. paula fair farris, "abc news" new york. a hearing will be healed today on a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against brett favre and the jets as well by two massage therapists t stems from inappropriate text
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messages that he allegedly sent them following a massage that he received in 2008. shaqueel o'neal on capitol hill today to fight binge drink at historically black colleges. he'll be in washington d.c. today. maryland food bank holding the 2012 be a voice hunger action symposium. lieutenant governor brown is scheduled to join 400 people at this event in baltimore and they'll talk about ways to help end hunger in our area. the president will welcome some big time athletes to the white house today. the 2012 u.s. olympic and paralympic teams will be in washington and honored by the first family. national anthem day is today. this day in 1814 francis scott
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key penned the song. fifth graders are receiving the interactive tools to learn about the war of 1812 and of course the national anthem. to help celebrate, fort mchenry guards will lead the students in a flag rolling ceremony. today is purple friday and we're getting pumped for the ravens. game day is sunday afternoon. they'll take on the eagles in fillly and the ravens won their first game during monday night football. and joe flacco was voted the afc player of the week. so we have to see if we can top that. >> we're going to top t and we're going to crush them. let's talk about what is going on right now. we'll see the clouds moving n this is ahead of a cold front that will move into the area as we go in through the day. i'm going to show you that in a second. but temperature-wise, we're not as cool as we have been. but we're still chilly nonetheless. so grab that jacket as you head out and about. edgewood 55 degrees and 50 in
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pileville right now and 59 for this time of the year. we're at 60 in centerville and federalsberg 57. here the cold front that i want to show you. behind that we'll get breezy so saturday will be a breezy day. and we see the wet weather that will try to work its way into here. so we have to moisten up the atmosphere before it can come down to the ground. but i don't think that is going to happen. so what i think is that there's a possibility for a stray shower in the forecast. but all and all, we'll stay dry today, just with a few clouds out there. this is what is going to happen on future trend, talking about what i'm saying, there's the cold front with the rain. and it gets a little closer to us and it starts to break up and it fizzles out. we have the clouds working their way into the forecast for us. and we see threaten of sunshine for saturday -- see plenty of sunshine saturday into sunday. the temperature coming in
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around 83 degrees and partly sunny is what i'll call it. so we'll have the clouds around and there's the stray shower by tonight. and 58 degrees tonight and still an isolated shower in the forecast then. and 48 and mostly sunny by saturday, cooler and breezy. and this is your seven-day forecast. it looks good for the weekend. but look at next week. we'll have the showers in the forecast. let's get a check of the abc2 news timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we have patchy fog out there. is that hundred dering the roads? want to expect reduced visibility. be extra careful. here's a live look in baltimore county at the harrisburg expressway. everything is up to speed from warren down to 695 and the jamb fx will remain -- and the jfx will remain clear as well. no delays on harford road. 11 minutes from 95 to 836789 and the out are loop will be clear down toward 95 as well.
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traffic is pick up. but you're still looking at an 11-minute ride down towards 95. for those heading to the fort mchenry tunnel, just an eight minute drive from the beltway to the toll plaza. and we're giving away $600 in free gas. to enter the contest, all you have to do is like my abc 2 facebook path. we'll draw a winner later this afternoon. so be sure to like me and tender. many of you will spend the week making our state a little prettier. you can join in to help if you don't have plans to do this this is part of a worldwide effort to clean up our bays and streams and oceans, all locations spread through the state. so teams will be picking up trash, trying to catch it before it gets into our waterways. volunteers say if you do it once, you'll come back for more. >> when you're around this long and you see the kind of things that you see with the little bit of time that you're here, you want to get involved.
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you can't help but get involved. >> there's someplace that's you can get involved this weekend. if you would like a list of the locations and find out how you can help, go to a cat's way turned out to be life saving. we'll tell you where bud dit cat misbehaving kept his owner from dying in his own home. we'll give you the details straight ahead.
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a cat in florida is being called a hero for saving his owners life. this woman was working in her home office and her cat started acting strange. she picked him up and walked to the kitchen and found her husband leaning over the counter. she started to give him cpr but he was not breathe. >> i waited and said a little prayer and they got a heartbeat. >> they rushed her husband to the hospital. and after a heart procedure and months of recovering, he said that he owes his life to his cat buddy. a new realtime computer
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